Top Loading Washers



DeMite Laundry Additive & Your Top Loading Washer

Top-loading washers, with their lids on top, clean clothes by means of a centrally located agitator that rises from the bottom of the wash basket and turns to roll clothes over and over in the water. Primarily you have three basic water temperature settings … hot wash/cold rinse, warm wash/cold rinse and cold wash/cold rinse… although newer models may offer additional preset combinations. High Efficiency (HE) top loaders have become popular as well.  HE washers are designed to use significantly less water, detergent and energy than standard machines, but they require a special HE detergent that is formulated specifically for smaller volumes of water.

The capacity of the washer’s tub varies with each manufacturer and depends on the age of your washer. The average water fill for top-loading automatics range from 10 to 24 gallons (38 to 91 liters). Be careful when using your detergent as it has been found that too much causes excess sudsing which inhibits, not enhances, proper cleaning.

Always select a water temperature based on the type of bedding or clothing you want to launder. Follow the fabric manufacturers’ care instructions carefully. Not all fabrics are safe in hot water but most are safe in warm or cold water.

Hot water is 130° F (60° C) or higher.*
Warm water is 90° to 120° F (32° – 49° C).
Cold water is 70° to 90° F (21° – 32° C) or lower.

An easy way to determine water temperature in your washer is to hold a candy thermometer under the water flow on each setting of your machine.

Directions for using DeMite® in a non-HE top-loading washer:

1) Sort laundry by maker’s care instructions.
2) Select water temperature. As water fills, add your regular detergent.
3) Fill the DeMite measuring cup 3/4 full with DeMite. If you do not have the measuring cup, use 1.5 tablespoons (0.75 oz or 22.5 ml) of DeMite.
4) Add the DeMite to the washer either when filled or while filling with water.
5) Add soiled bedding, clothing or undergarments. Do not overload.

Directions for using DeMite® in an HE top-loading washer:

1) Sort laundry by maker’s care instructions.
2) Place a load of laundry in the washer, not tightly packed. Do not overload as this can result in poor cleaning. Close door securely.
3) Open the dispenser compartment/drawer and add HE detergent.
4) Fill the DeMite measuring cup 1/4 full with DeMite and add it to the liquid detergent already in the dispenser compartment. If you do not have our measuring cup, just add 1.5 teaspoons (0.25 oz or 7.5 ml) of DeMite. Close compartment slowly to prevent spills. Water will be pumped into the dispenser to bring the detergent and DeMite into the wash load.
5) Select water temperature.

* Normally only used in commercial laundries. U.S. Consumer Safety requires all heaters to have a label stressing the danger of water in excess of 120° F (32° – 49° C) water. It is usually not recommended because of the scalding potential with children. Also, many individuals who do laundry regularly feel that high temperatures are injurious to fabrics causing them to fade and wear out much faster than with lower water temperatures.